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"Just ordered the fun pretzel/fudge ice cream cone kits...they are adorable!! These make fun projects for the kids to do as they are inside due to the Coronavirus and/or bad weather. Support your local mom/pop business."

Vicki Reavis Contreras

"This is by far some of the best fudge you'll ever have."

Mary Danylak

"Very good fudge. Can become slightly addictive. Personal favorite is the chocolate-peanut butter fudge."

Troy Schmanke

Fudge Squares

When fudge comes to mind,

an old-fashioned country store cutting fudge by the slab is envisioned.

Past times of family and holiday gatherings are reminisced.

In the moment, we are transported home.

Like a hug, we are embraced by the comforting warmth that lingers upon return.

When the moment passes, we can not help but smile.

And that is our mission —

To make you smile.


Our store

324 N Jim Wright Fwy,

Fort Worth, TX 76108

Our storefront is currently closed due to COVID-19, but please feel free to call us for a visit, we are flexible! Thank you for your understanding.